How to get help

How to get help with mental health problems in Guernsey

If you feel that you might have a mental health problem, it can be difficult to talk about with others, even family and friends, and asking for help can be very hard. Often the longer you leave it, the worse you feel.

The first step is to confide in somebody you trust. Talk to them about how you feel, and ask them to come with you to see your GP if you do not want to go by yourself.

Young people (under 18)

Talk to your GP or health visitor who can explain the support available.  A referral to the Child and Adolescent Service at Bell House might be suggested.


Talk to your GP who can explain the treatment available to you in Guernsey.

Mild to moderate difficulties

Options include medication and/or referral by your GP to the Primary Care Mental Health and Well Being Service, who can offer free, short-term counselling and support.

Moderate to severe difficulties

Your GP may provide medication, and/or a referral to the Adult Mental Health Service (AMHS).  The AMHS will offer you an assessment by a mental health professional, and following this, a package of care will be designed specifically for you. The AMHS offers one-to-one therapies, psychiatry and medication management, social groups, therapy groups, couples and family therapy.

Older adults (over 65)

Speak to your GP in the first instance. You may be offered services at either the AMHS or the older adult services at Castel hospital.