Welcome to the L’vaïr website. Our first year was exciting and busy; our charity is now firmly established and we are running regularly weekly drop-ins, with plans for more soon. Successful fundraising means that we will be able to organise several outings for people with mental health problems once the weather improves and we will be repeating our more successful fundraising events throughout the year. We are currently looking forward to our first AGM, which will be held in March. Watch this space for further news!

What we do

This new Guernsey charity is run by Mental Health Service users for the benefit of all adults with mental health problems in Guernsey. We draw on our personal experiences of mental health problems and skills we have learned to help support and advise people in the community.

Samaritans drop-in cancelled

Due to low attendance, our weekday drop-ins in Town, at the Samaritans office in Forest Lane have been cancelled. However, our Saturday drop-ins at the Mind Centre  run every week and you will be sure of a warm welcome.